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Almost daily I receive Belk coupons in the mail or email. Shopping today, I was told that none of the handful of coupons I had bothered to clip could be used on any of the items I purchased.

There are so many exclusions, that if you don't read the fine print you will be disappointed at the register. I barely have time to clip the coupons, much less read the fine print.

Belk inundates their customers which coupons, however there are too many restrictions. It's just not worth shopping there.

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Belk. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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This is so true! It’s so annoying!!!

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #1328201

This is ridiculously true!! I went to Belk today with THREE different coupons and not one was honored.

It is a very deceitful marketing scheme and the coupons received in the mail are a waste of paper.

I am taking my $ to Kohls and TJ Maxx. This happens all of the time at Belk!

Concord, North Carolina, United States #1253526

Fun fact: some coupon restrictions are not from the store at all. For example, if you go in Belk tomorrow, I can all but guarantee that it won't work on Levis or Michael Kors or Under Armour or a handful of other brands.

That isn't a belk decision. These companies do not allow store discounts on their items.

Plain and simple. Just read the small print and stop getting angry at sales associates because you're too lazy to read a few lines.


You are the type of customer retail workers can't stand! Cheap, annoying, and probably should order online instead of going in stores and making people's lives ***!

Of course a coupon isn't going to work on a $5 pair of pants off the clearance rack... It's like any other store. The coupons will work with ALL the signs that say sale.. Which there are plenty.

You just chose the stuff the was extra low in price.

Unfortunately, associates cannot give you free merchandise. Do every retail worker a favor and stay inside.

to Anonymous #1405923

No, I agree with the poster I was at Belk yesterday. I have a Belk CC And I’m always sent coupons I can’t use.

I got to the register and the coupon couldn’t be used on bonus buys, door busters and certain brands. Okay, but literally eveything has a bonus buy or door buster sign above it. Even the cashier commented when she looked around! The coupon was only valid 6-1 pm ...

seriously I’m probably just going to cancel the card and stop shopping there, this happens to me far to often! No I’m not dumb enough to try using the coupons on clearance and I understand brand exclusions.

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